סדנת עין גדי KNOW HARD FEELINGS אביב 2009

סדנת עין גדי

מכון ישראלי לאנליזה קבוצתית יוזם, מתכנן  ומזמין אנשי מקצוע מכל רחבי העולם ומישראל לסדנא בינלאומית. הסדנא תעסוק בעולם הרגשי של הפרט, הקבוצה והחברה וביכולת לעבד רגשות קשים ולהתמיר אותם לכדי תקשורת פורה.
כותרת הסדנא
A bridge over troubled waters
From the Lowest Point on Earth to Growth and Expansion
מנחים חברי המכון ואורחים מחו"ל
מטרת הסדנא ללמוד את ה affective matrix שבתוכו ודרכו מתקיימים הפרט והחברה, להכיר את השפעתם של החיבורים הרגשיים הגלויים והסמויים על חיינו ולהגביר את המודעות אליהם. לשפר את היכולת לזהות ולהכיר את "אזורי הפגיעות" הרגשית, להבין את משמעותם ואת השלכותיהם ולהפכם לאנרגיה חיובית שתאפשר קומוניקציה בין פרטים ובין קבוצות קונפליקט ותסייע ליצירת אקלים של הדברות, פיוס ושיתוף פעולה
אנו מניחים כי קיימת "מטריצה רגשית" הכוללת "אזורי פגיעות" המגדירים את טיבו של השיח (discourse) התוך אישי, הבין אישי והבין תרבותי המתאפשר בכל מצב נתון.
"אזורי פגיעות" אלה בחלקם מודעים ובחלקם סמויים, מתווים  (delineate the boundaries) את גבולות היכולת של הפרט לקיים יחסים של שותפות ודו – קיום עם אחרים ולעיתים הם עלולים להקשות על הידברות והבנה הדדית ואף להיות הרסניים ולהזין מעגלים של התרחקות  ומאבק.
להלן רשימה חלקית של רגשות שצירופיהם עלול ליצור "אזורי פגיעות ": נזקקות,  אהבה, שנאה, קנאה, תחרותיות, צרות עין, envy, נקמנות, קנטרנות, בושה, עקשנות, שמחה, עצבות, ייאוש, חוסר אונים, נחיתות, רגשי אשם, tenderness,kindliness'  ,generosity, gratitude וכו'.
אורחים אנשי קבוצות ומטפלים קבוצתיים אנליטיים מכל העולם
תאריך 5 – 8 מרץ 2009
מקום קיבוץ עין גדי.
"ארץ עין גדי" – פנינת יופי לחופו של ים המלח ולמרגלות מצוקי מדבר יהודה, באחד מאזורי הנוף היפים בעולם: הנחלים דויד וערוגות, מעיין עין גדי, עם גן בוטני על רקע נופי המדבר ובסמוך למצדה.
המושג "ארץ עין גדי" בא לבטא את הייחודיות של המקום, המתאפיין בשילוב ניגודים מופלא:
מדבר צחיח ולצדו גן בוטני מרהיב, ים מלוח מאוד ולצדו נביעות מים מתוקים ונחלים – הרמוניה בין הדומם, הטבע, הצומח, החי והאדם, מקום בו נוכל לעסוק בשילוב הרגשות (הניגודים) שבתוכנו, מקום שבו ניתן להפגיש בין עמים, תרבויות ודתות שונות.


נושאים ומרצים בסדנת עין גדי

נושאים ומרצים במליאה
Miriam Berger: Vengefulness: the struggle for mutual concern and recognition.
Avi Berman: Victimhood: Humiliation turns into over-powering.
Robi Friedman: Feelings that bring the best and the worst in group psychotherapy: Healing each other in the matrix.
Dieter Nitzgen: The Baader Meinhoff Complex. Hard Feelings Between Post War German Generations.
Moris Nitzun:  HUNGER – Psyche and Society in an Age of Environmental Destruction.
Elizabeth Rohr: How to contain emotional pain in a supervision group. An experience from Guatemala.
Nimer Said: The Unspoken Self: The Group's Effect on Verbal Expression of Emotions Among Arab Participants.
Suzi Shoshani: FEELING NATURE: The  Flow Towards The  Infinite.
Ivan Urlić:  The feelings of shame and the courage of facing them.
הנושאים וההרצאות בפנלים המקבילים
In the second day of the Ein Gedi workshop six parallel panels will be held:
Group Analysis, The Group as a Potential Space
Envy & Competition, Expressive Group Therapy,
Individual and Group Identities, Israeli – Palestinian Conflict.
Each panel will host 3 speakers and an open discussion with the audience.
The speakers are:
"The emotional impact of newspaper photographs" Mirror of my Vulnerability1
Dr. Anor Brigitte, Founder and Director of the Photo Therapy Institute, Musrara, in Jerusalem. A teacher in this program.
Coping with Resistance, Envy and Anger in a Women's Group- A Study Concerning the Teleological Psyche Function By Means Of Shared Ownership on Imagery Viewed In Dreams
Brosh Palmoni Batya, Senior Jungian Analyst, teacher, lecturer, individual & group psychotherapy
Managing Rage and Helplessness through the Crisis in Peki'in: The Place of Dialogue in the Group in the Midst of a deteriorating Reality
Chirurg Mishael, M.A, Clinical Psychologist, Organizational Development, Graduate the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis
Envy’s Double Face
Dahan Royit, M.A, Philosophy and Group Conductor, a candidate in IIGA training program for Gro
Between Passion and Desire: longing for the whole and the desire to perform
Ezra Judith, M.A, Social Worker and Group Analyst
Adolescents identity definition explored in group therapy, coming out of hiding with a desire to be seen
Favelukes Hernan, M.A EXTH, Psychodramatist and candidate in IIGA. Training program for Group Analyst.
Emotional Processes – From Personal Tune to a Group Concert
Handel Oded, Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst
Professional meetings between Palestinians and Israelis. Desire to Communicate disrupted by fear and shame.
Dr. Kalai Sarah, Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst.
rom Holocaust to Fundamentalism –Jewish Therapist's sorrow
Klimova Helena, Group Analyst, Psychotherapist, Publicist.
'I Feel… Therefore I am': The feelings of Concern, Compassion and Trust in the Foulkesian and Confucian traditions
Lavie Joshua, Clinical Psychologist, Graduate the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis
Hard feelings revisited – Emotions Associated With a Group Analytic Training.
Mathiesen Tove, Consultant Psychiatrist, Group Analyst
The Role of Guilt in Inter-Group Conflict: The Israeli-Palestinian Case
Mukamel Maya, PhD, Clinical Psychologist.
"The Internal Eye and External Eye" – Guilt, Jealousy and Shame co-facilitation as an emotional, multicultural encounter
Rosen Alisa, M.A, Psychotherapist, Dance / movement Therapist, Graduate the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis
Venezia Nilly, M.A, Establisher and Director of the Venezia Institute for Differences and Multiculturalism, Group Facilitator, Lecturer.
Dialogue challenging identity: Fears, shame, guilt and hate in the context of Jewish-Palestinian encounter
Dr. Sonnenschtein Nava, Clinical Psychologist
Knowing Hard Feelings Passed on from the Past
Von Sommaruga Howard Teresa, Architect, Organizational Consultant, Group Analytic Psychotherapist.
Being Transgender, Frustrated and Angry
Weishut Daniel, M.A Clinical Psychologist, Organizational Consultant
The matrix of feeling in group analysis
Dr. Yogev Herzel, Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst
Workshops in Nature
PRESENCE IN MOTION – Irit Ziv-Ron – M.A., D.T.R., Movement- therapist, Psychotherapist, candidate in IIGA Training program for Group Analysis.
Working with emotions via Art & Yoga through group therapy –
Moran Tsimhoni  – yoga teacher in Tel Aviv, studying M.S.W in social work specializing in children
Marcia Honig, – M.A. Art psychotherapist and counselor
Mother Earth: know hard feelings (using art therapy) –  Schwartz Tal – M.A Expressive Arts Therapies, Organizational Consulting.

סיכום סדנת עין גדי

Know Hard Feelings 5.3.2009
Report of Ein-Gedi workshop                                                                             סיכום סדנת עין גדי
I would like to write here a report from my point of view as one of   the initiators and co- chairs of the   workshop "KNOW Hard Feelings
For 15 months, me Suzi Shoshani together with Miriam Berger we were dreaming, thinking, speaking, working, preparing, organizing,  weaving, holding the wholeness of the  endless parts of  this "creature " that was being in the process of emerging into real life
Actually we were pregnant. We fed and developed our embryo till its birth on the 5th of March in the oasis of Ein Gedi Kibutz near the Dead Sea. We raised it and took care of this baby for three intensive days.  It was a labor of love.
It seems that we have plunged into the bottom of the earth. We are now slowly in the process of emerging from that depth back into sea level with a sense of   of connectedness and renewal   that was born out of the hard feelings we have touched upon together.  Ein Gedi has become a collective state of mind that can combine us and is part of our Matrix.
It was a unique experience in a unique place. All of us, Americans, Europeans, Palestinians , Israelis, Rifhtists ,Leftists, students, teachers, professionals  with  different perspectives , conductors, supervisors,  presenters  brought into that  space their innermost emotional pain, grievance,  longings and fights for dignity and hope. It was a real meeting of hearts and mind.
We opened a number of spaces and created various   frames in order that all the participants will be able to express a wide range of feelings that are relevant to them.
 We were invited to express our feelings and thoughts every morning on canvas, to wake up and express our  state of being in movement according to the waves of  "the 5 Rhythms" , used yoga and art therapy at  lunch time etc.
 We had every morning a panel with 3 excellent lectures. Many of the presentations were really fascinating: Morris Nitsun from the UK ("the anti group") talked about hunger and environment destruction. Robi Friedman (Israel) discussed Isaac binding as a scapegoat process. Dieter Nitzgen (Germany) analyzed the Baader-Meinhoff terrorism of the 70ies as related to German second generation after WWII. Nimer Said (Israel-Arab) talked about the difficulty of Arab group participants to express their emotions in words. Elizabeth Rohr (Germany) told us about her supervision work in blood-torn Guatemala. Ivan Urlic (Croatia) described shame and trauma in the Balkan war, Avi Berman (Israel) talked about victimhood, and Miriam Berger (Israel) about vengefulness. My (Suzi Shoshani) lecture was   about – Feeling Nature: the Flow towards the infinite.
The lectures dealt with feelings, thoughts, conflicts, and were source of inspiration to all of us during each day. The metaphors and ideas that were presented   accompanied us during the whole workshop.
As you can see, so many hard feelings from so many different angles
 Then we split into 14 small groups with very good conductors from all over the world: Dr. Ahlin Goren, Ms. Duek Ruth, Ms. Hadar Bracha, D. Karniel Lauer Enav, Dr. Kleinberg Jeffrey, Dr. Moss Eric, Ms. Galia Nativ, Ms Navaro Leyla, Dr. Ofer Gila, Mr. Sandahl CHrister, Prof Ivan Urlic, Ms. Winther Gerda, Dr. Yogev Hertzel. Dr. Zeisel Elliot.  The coordinators of the conductors were Ms. Nurit Goren and Dr. Robi Friedman. The processing in these groups was intense and authentic and emotional in a most relevant way. We touched each others pain and vulnerabilities with care and concern.
 From the small group we moved along into the stormy river of associations, feelings and conflicts of the  large group Haim and Wilke tried to hold and understand. We listen to each other, had hard talks with   our colleagues, felt for our friends and enemies. We realized   time and again how  complex life in general and specifically in this part of the world is for all of us.
We also have 16 paper presentations in 5 parallel panels dealing with a lot of hard feelings.

I would like to say some words about a special  innovative   frame we've developed as an additional space for  expression and containment of feelings: namely "FEELINGS ON LINE : THE EIN GEDI BULLETIN" .It was a daily news bulletin that invited all workshop participants to contribute whatever they whished and felt as relevant to our meetings. We tried to make place for everybody.

The editors were  Joshua  Lavie and Herzel Yogev. It was a pilot study that we are intending to develop it in our next conference
 For example: in the last day Joshua and Herzel members of our institute wrote some words about dealing with conflicts and a poem Love After Love by Derek Walcott, Tamar and Said students of our institute wrote about feeling alone and a poem Think Of Others by Mahmound Darwish, Juman and Tania arab participants from Israel  shared with us a very symbolic statute and ask  – which ethical society will develop from the people that use massive power? Tzipi an Hebrew participant from Israel shared with as a picture that represent the searching for seeds of life.
After each rich and heavy day we organized entertainments, singing and dancing all together with western and eastern music, performances by members who volunteered to get on stage and brought their very best.It was a great experience!!
It strengthened our faith that together we can do it. We can understand, feel for each other and open ourselves to relationships devoid of violent actions.
 We keep getting phone calls, e-mail, messages from all over the world telling us how meaningful these days were for participants. How special it turned out to be, how surprising to discover that it is possible to transform emotional suffering into human contact despite everything. We keep hearing about the desire of participant to stay in touch, to continue the relationships that started there and to deepen the dialogue that was initiated in the workshop.
We hope that it will be possible. On behalf of me, Suzi Shoshani and my co-chair of the workshop – Miriam Berger, we want to thank all the participants that made our dream come true.


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