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As Chairperson of the Israel Institute of Group Analysis, I’m happy to welcome your entrance to our revised website. I hope you will find it an enriching professional resource and easily accessible tool describing activities of the Institute. It should also be a fruitful way of having personal contact with us.


Group Analysis is a therapeutic approach which is based on the belief that therapeutic healing processes can be carried out within the dynamics of the group. In our approach all members help each other. Since most of Group Analytic activities concern communication and, as a by-product, the relationships that evolve among members of all kinds of groups, it is relevant to organizations, communities and society as a whole.


I am proud to be part of the chain of people who over the years have personally invested and led in the on-going development of the Institute. I want to thank Dr. Robi Friedman, with whom I was a partner during the past year and one half for all I learned from him on our joint leadership path


The leadership of the Institute shares a basic belief in the importance of speech and dialogue as a way of coping with issues and various conflicts within the Institute and outside of it. Among our activities we set up working groups characterized by equality, mutuality and democracy. The leadership of the Institute participates in the processes of decision-making and also in finding practical ways to carry out policy decisions.


We have been blessed with highly professionally experienced members and graduates of our training program, who have participated in on-going analytic therapy groups and who now run analytic groups themselves all over the country, as described in “Therapeutic Groups” – see below for a link to the small therapy groups.


In addition, Institute members supervise and teach in a variety of academic programs, in agencies of health, education and welfare as well as in many other organizations in Israel and elsewhere.


We attribute great importance to the spreading of our knowledge and world view to different communities in Israel. Our organizational goal is to improve communication among members of these communities, through work in small, medium and large groups.


We are most happy to take part in any such initiatives.




Marit Joffe Milstien


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