Training Program for Group Analysts

The aim of this program is to study and understand group analysis and to train professionals in analytical group therapy, in order to qualify them as group analysts.
Group analysis is a theoretical and applicable approach that deals with the understanding of the individual, groups and society and the relations between them. It emphasizes the encrypting of the unconscious in relationship between people and its effect on behaviors and their implications. The sources of group analysis are in the psychoanalytical approach, enriched by additional fields of knowledge: developmental psychology, sociology, social psychology, family therapy, social theories and others.
Its main application is group psychotherapy (analytical group therapy).

The Aim of the Program:

To enrich the students with wide theoretical knowledge in the field of group analysis in general and analytical group therapy in particular, from Foulkes and up to current trends, in order to enable students to take part in therapeutic-analytical groups and to apply this theoretical and experiential learning to therapy, through the formation and facilitation of therapeutic-analytical groups.

Structure and Duration:

The program consists of four years of study: 8 semesters, including 16 theoretical courses, a three-year training group, group sessions and concentrated workshops.
The studies take place on Monday afternoon in Tel-Aviv.
In addition, from the second year students must participate in analytical group therapy led by an IIGA qualified group analyst. They are also required to form and facilitate an analytical group for two years under supervision.
At the end of the studies, the students will submit a final paper.
The program’s requirements comply with those of EGATIN, to which IIGA belongs.
Graduates of the program, who meet all the requirements, will receive a diploma as a group analyst.

The Program’s Staff:

The program’s staff for training group analysts includes mainly graduates of IIGA, who have been qualified as group analysts, as well as additional experts from required fields.


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