Initiator Letter


People are natural resources for each other. The development of each individual occurs naturally within groups, to which we have belonged since childhood. Group therapy is based on the faith in the therapeutic power of the natural group and it intensifies its contribution.

As group therapists, we believe in the beneficial, developing and healing power of the group. We founded the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis with the desire to promote the theory and applications of this approach. We perceive psychoanalytical thought in general and group analysis in particular as considerable contributors to building a culture of understanding the individual and his relationships with others and with the society in which he lives. We would like these contributions to our culture to be as accessible as possible to anyone interested in them.

We built a framework that attempts to promote openness and dialogue and invites people to join and participate in the spirit of group analysis. Group discourse is the basis of all our activities, both in the framework of the Institute’s sessions and on this website. We hope that this website will be absorbed into the lively discourse in Israel regarding groups and group therapy.

And finally: everything we founded is the blessed result of team work. Our main achievement, as founders of IIGA, is our success in enabling the contribution of many other people. We hope that the material on this website will be of interest and use to you and we invite you to hold a dialogue with us.

Dr. Avi Berman
The Initiator and the first Chair of The Israeli Institute of Group Analysis (IIGA)


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